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Group Support for Smart Security

2 January 2017 ondernemen

Within the domain of information security, boards become more exposed due to expanded regulations, an escalating external threat environment and the complexity of IT on which organizations increasingly rely. This seems a challenge, since information security is perceived as a complex and IT-only subject while decisions are made under pressure. These pressures and uncertainties often result in: 

• Cost to the business in man-hours due to prolonged decision making 

• Business risk due to delayed actions as complexity causes paralysis 

• Increased risk of making bad decisions due to complexity

Most meetings are managed based on the content instead of the process and, therefore, are derailed. This can result in meeting outcomes that fall far short of the desired objectives. To avoid this disappointment and increase the effect of collaborating toward predefined targets, meeting software can be employed to help facilitate goals achievement. 

Group support systems (GSS) facilitates the effective collection, organization, evaluation, cross-impact analysis and reporting of data with the assistance of a group moderator. GSS can help to resolve subjective dilemmas among participants such as culture, attitudes or hierarchic relations. Because GSS support anonymous participation in meetings, individuals are more willing to be open and transparent. This enables ideas to be judged based on the content rather than origin. It also addresses the differences between introverted and extroverted participants, an issue that is seldom discussed, but is a dominant factor in meeting effectiveness as it impacts both process and content and, therefore, the eventual outcomes. The role of the facilitator is to acknowledge these different participants’ characteristics prior to and during the meeting. 

According to a longitudinal study on 900 meetings, a 56 percent savings in man-hours can be achieved with the use of this technology and an experienced facilitator. 

Given that the average manager spends 25-80 percent of his/her time in meetings, the companywide savings are easily calculated, and the quality of the decision-making process enhanced. Thus the use of GSS is highly efficient, effective and user friendly. 

The Dutch Police Academy conducted 45 GSS sessions from 2005 to 2011, in which 763 employees of the Dutch police participated in intelligence gathering for cold cases. This large-scale longitudinal GSS research showed the potential of GSS as a facilitating system and methodology for capturing data and knowledge sharing, and reusing previous collected knowledge that was initially implicit, but made explicit through the group support system. 

Read more at ISACA Journal

Group Support for Smart Security


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